Background Verification

Background Verification


Educational Verification

Education Verification is considered one of the most important components of Employee Screening Services; it is a process through which Educational/Professional Qualification (Degree Certificate/Mark Sheet) of a candidate is being verified/authenticated from the institute/university’s issuing authority from where the candidate has obtained the same. AVENGERS also ensure the cross-checked with it’s internal database of fake unregistered and unaccredited or unaffiliated universities. Companies do verify the educational qualification of a candidate to confirm the eligibly to carry out the job for the particular position as per the company policy.

Employment Verification

Employment History Check is a process through which the Employment related information’s were being verified/authenticated from the human resources department of last/previous organization followed by phone call and emails, the results of the process are fully documented in a standardized, easy to read report. The screenshot of email communication are been incorporated in the annexure of the report.

Residential Address Verification

A physical visit is made at the address of the candidate to authenticate the existence of the address, duration of stays nature of property etc., if required the photo id proof of the candidate can also be confirmed during our physical visit.

Criminal Verification

“Criminal Verification through Court Record” which we get it done from the registered Law Firm runs by the advocates. Here, in AVENGERS we basically covered any antecedent has been registered against the candidate in the court of law, from four different courts.

Data Base Check

In Avengers we also conduct an extensive database check which includes the search from the websites of National and International Database about the Applicant; to initiate this criminal database check a copy of candidate’s ID proof (passport/pan card, voter id card or driving license) is required.

Professional Reference Check

In this checking the verifying agencies check the client’s all references. And personally meet them and locate the more details of client. Verify agencies also the check what is relationship between client and references.

Other Verifications

  • ITR & Financial
  • GST Verification
  • PAN Search Account
  • Bank Account Verification
  • Aadhaar Check
  • Driving License Check
  • Voter Card Check
  • Passport Verification